Want to see a 

Want to see a 

real Gold and Silver mine?

  • Welcome to the Capital Prize Gold Mine, one of the most extensive and authentic mine tours in Colorado! Open this winter because it's warm and dry inside!

  • Venture over 1,000 feet into the mine and see, feel and experience what it was like to be a hard rock miner over 100 years ago.

  • See actual working tools, single-jack and double-jack drills, air powered "widow-makers," gold and silver  ore specimens.

  • See seven of the 17 gold/silver veins that were discovered on their way to 3,200 feet and the Mother-load.

  • See how the miners continue to extract valuable metals using modern technology today. This is still a working and producing mine!

  • Instead of gold panning we mine the real stuff! In the stope at over 1,000 feet you get to "mine" your own gold and silver ore. Then we take it outside and break the rock to get a "clean break" so we can see what is inside and you get to keep it!.

Mine Tours
Explore over 1,000 feet of the original Capital Prize and see what it was like to be an underground miner 100 years ago.
Rock breaking
What is rock breaking? You will mine your own ore at 1,000 feet and then we break them open just like the Geologist do; and you get to keep it!
Active Mining!
The Capital Prize is still an active Gold Mine. You will see how we mine differently today.
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"The newest attraction in Clear Creek County and the longest and most extensive gold mine in Colorado. This mine is different than all the others and is a must see. Only 35min. from Denver!

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