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Want to see a 

Want to see a 

real Gold and Silver mine?

  • Welcome to the Capital Prize Gold Mine, one of the most extensive and authentic mine tours in Colorado! Open this winter because it's warm and dry inside!

  • Venture over 1,000 feet into the mine and see, feel and experience what it was like to be a hard rock miner over 100 years ago.

  • See actual working tools, single-jack and double-jack drills, air powered "widow-makers," gold and silver  ore specimens.

  • See seven of the 17 gold/silver veins that were discovered on their way to 3,200 feet and the Mother-load.

  • See how the miners continue to extract valuable metals using modern technology today. This is still a working and producing mine!

  • Instead of gold panning we mine the real stuff! In the stope at over 1,000 feet you get to see how miners chased these veins upwards with a chance for kids to swing a pick axe and possibly find a nice shinny souvenir from a gold mine. 

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